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Table Saws

Incra Mitre Gauge V27

 Save time, wood, and most of all frustration with the exciting new Incra AngleLock System. Most woodworkers use their table saws for ripping and
cross cutting. Many of the mitre gauges that are supplied with table saws
do not have the features and ease of use required by modern woodworkers.
The Incra V27 is an outstanding value that will make your cross cutting
accurate and easy with it's abundance of features."

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Saw Stop Contractors Saw

 I remember the first time I ever heard of a table saw that would stop a spinning blade the instant it started to cut a finger (or as they show in their demos, a wiener). I instantly understood the technology because it was similar to what we were using in a different industry at that time. But I recall being impressed that someone could move those principals to another industry and make a working product. And so began the Saw Stop. Our evaluation of this product was pretty much what we expected and what we have heard about the saw from on-line videos and demonstrations and talks at wood shows. But there were still some surprises for us. First of all, we were very impressed with the actual quality of the the saws. We found them to be very well made and well put together, all powder coated to a durable finish. All of these saws are well built with a variety of up-to-date innovations and working features (some of which are also found on other similar saws).

Ryobi BTS10S Table Saw Review

ryobi-bts10sThe Ryobi BTS10S has proven to be a popular woodworking tool based simply on the fact it has remained in the market for some time. Tools that don't perform well don't stand the test of time. I wouldn't necessarily consider the Ryobi a portable table saw, in that it doe come with a stand but it is fairly easy to move around because of it's light weight. The BTS10S includes a 15 amp direct drive motor. One of the advantages of this motor is the moderate soft start it utilizes.
The disadvantage with most direct drive table saws is that the depth of cut that can be achieved from direct drive motors is often less than belt drive units. In many ways this could be an advantage for this tool in that the power of the motor is such that it is really designed for more lightweight work. To help put some perspective into the power of the motor or this unit, it is comparable to most good quality circular saws with comparable 13 and 14 amp motors.

Table Saw Blades - What Type Do You Need ?

   WHO'S CONFUSED ??? ... I see woodworkers every day who spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a table saw and never give a thought to the blades that are on the saw. Often they simply leave the blades that the saw comes with on the saw or ever worse, they go out and purchase a  twelve dollar blade for it. Why would they do this you ask? ... because in most cases they really don't know what blades to purchase ... well we will attempt to demystify the agony of buying table saw blades. The truth is putting a good quality blade on a mediocre saw is far more effective than having crappy blade on an excellent table saw.