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The site is owned by E-State Media Group, an incorporated co-operative. E-State Media Group is a media development business, working in website construction and re-deployment as well as CD / DVD, and printed media development. E-State Media also provides the services of website hosting, graphic design and contracted programming.

Some of our areas of expertise include community website development (such as, e-learning consulting and development and commercial and e-business websites.

E-State Media also conducts seminars from time to time on “How to Promote Your Website”. These informative seminars are designed to help business and other website owner’s understand how and where to promote their websites and subsequently their businesses.

If you are interested in learning more about E-State Media, please visit our site

This website is a collaboration of many of the principals and techniques we use in website consulting and construction, including the promotion of website other than search engine placement. Our goal with this site is to provide a community meeting and resource center for woodworkers who specialize in the different woodworking sectors, and who often overlap in one medium or another.

There is a wealth of information available for those who need it, and the was designed to help fill that need. At the same time the website serves as a place where woodworkers in specific areas can communicate and exchange ideas and opinions in a safe, controlled environment.

We encourage everyone to sign up as a User on the website in order participate fully in the benefits the site and its world wide pool of members can offer.