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Learn Practically Everything About Woodworking with Woodworking Videos

Woodworking videoWoodworking has been something we humans have practiced ever since we learned how to use the most basic of tools in order to gouge and chisel into wood, turning it into our desired shapes. Being something we as a species have probably been doing for thousands of years, we have gained vast amounts of knowledge on the ins and outs of woodworking. Having stored and compiled vast amounts of knowledge on this craft, however, has its drawbacks. The most glaring one is that all this information will inevitably be overwhelming to the woodworking beginner, one who has no prior knowledge on the craft. In this age of widespread technology and multimedia, how, then, will one be able to present such a huge amount of information about different topics on the craft? With woodworking videos , of course!


Walking Table

Here's a walking wood table created by Wouter Scheublin:

Making Nesting Box Concaves

Here's a quick video on making nesting box concaves on the table saw. It's really easy with a few simple supplies:

Miter saw safety tips

In this video, Bobby Hester talks about miter saw safety tips.
He includes tips on proper miter saw operation and the right way to use a stand with extra long work.

End Grain Cutting Board

The wood whisperer guides you through making a butcher block style cutting board in this very cleverly produced video.

This is a great project for the holidays, as they make great gifts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ridgid Table Saw Review

Here’s a great review of the portable table saw from Ridgid.

Ask the builder takes you through all the features of this saw. It includes some very innovative ideas like:

- A self storing fence
- Expandable table top
- Electric cord storage
- Dust free operation