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Chistmas Gifts for Woodworkers

Here's some great Christmas Gifts ideas for woodworker from Steve over at Woodworking for Mere Mortals:

Here's his top 8 Christmas gift list:

  1. Wood
  2. Saw Blades
  3. Clamps
  4. Drill bits
  5. Forstner bits
  6. Router bits
  7. Yellow wood glue
  8. Sandpaper

Woodworking and Humor?

Do you think that woodworking and humor can mix? Well, most woodworkers I know are fairly sombre folks who take their woodworking seriously. That’s why it’s great to Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals adding some laughs to the hobby. I’ve posted a couple of his more comical episodes below:

Man vs. Wood:

Wood Turning Basics Videos

Here’s a great 2 part video series from Guy Bradbury explaining the basic of wood turning. He does a great job of going through the basic tools and techniques. It’s really great video for anyone wanting to learn turning wood.


Making Splines for Picture Frame Corners

 Fastening corners of picture frames can be challenging. There are a number ways to accomplish this task and some are better than others. When you are manufacturing picture frames it becomes more and more important that the corners of the frame be held fast as the frames get bigger and bigger. It becomes even more important when glass is used in the picture frame.

There are many options for fastening corners. The first and easiest (note I did not say 'best”) is to use some kind of a mechanical fastener like nails, staples, steel straps, headless pins or screws. Each one of these mechanical connectors has it own problems. Small finishing nails that are driven in with a hammer tend to loosen joints. Screws need to be pre-drilled and look ugly, staples also have to be hammered and using an air nailer and 18 or 23 gauge pins may not be sufficient for larger frames.

The best way to fasten the sides of a picture frame is to glue “splines” into the corners. Yes, it is more more, but the splines look more professional and are unquestionably the best option. They hold the corners firm, they are permanent and they add a nice detail to the frames. To see how to make splines in the corners of your frames … read on.

Learn Practically Everything About Woodworking with Woodworking Videos

Woodworking videoWoodworking has been something we humans have practiced ever since we learned how to use the most basic of tools in order to gouge and chisel into wood, turning it into our desired shapes. Being something we as a species have probably been doing for thousands of years, we have gained vast amounts of knowledge on the ins and outs of woodworking. Having stored and compiled vast amounts of knowledge on this craft, however, has its drawbacks. The most glaring one is that all this information will inevitably be overwhelming to the woodworking beginner, one who has no prior knowledge on the craft. In this age of widespread technology and multimedia, how, then, will one be able to present such a huge amount of information about different topics on the craft? With woodworking videos , of course!


Walking Table

Here's a walking wood table created by Wouter Scheublin: