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5 Quick Woodworking Hacks - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Woodworkers are a generally thrifty and innovative group of people, and always coming up with ways to save time and money and often use wood to make things that suit their own needs. The one thing I learned the hard way is the lids on metal cans, like paint cans do not always seal 100 percent and if you don't use up what's in them, they can dry out, or even just dry to a point where they have to be thrown out because they cannot be rejuvenated. I learned that you can fix this by using a thin sheet of plastic from a plastic bag to help seal and preserve the contents.   

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/hUOhQVYP2sc

This is how I have managed to keep my only container of wood putty or filler for 20 years or so ... and speaking of wood fillers ...

5 Quick Thickness Planer Hacks - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Thickness Planers are one of those woodworking machines that only has one job .. to take our wood and make it evenly thick from end to end and there really is very little else it can do. Despite this limitation the thickness planer is a needed machine and with a bit of innovation we can give a little bit of extra work to help it pay it's way ...

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/XnfMAL8BwTA

 Here are a few tips and tricks you can try with your planer to get some better end results ...

5 Quick Gluing Hacks - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

 Every woodworkers does some degree of gluing because gluing in most instances does such an excellent job ... glue joints are almost always stronger than the wood they are holding together. One of the most popular glues is commonly called Yellow Glue (even though some of them are white), Carpenters Glue (even though carpenters seldom use them anymore) but is actually PVA glue or Polyvinyl Acetate. It has been around for over 100 years and changed little during that time ... why mess with success. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/Fr515p5uPJw

 PVA glues ... as good as it is, does leave us with some problems. One of them is stains when we are gluing boards together ...

5 Measuring Hacks - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

One thing that is constant in woodworking - there is LOTS of measuring and working with numbers and woodworkers have devised many different ways to quickly do things that doesn't involve sitting down with a calculator or trying to work out some complicated math. And first up are tape measures, probably one of the tools we use the most in the workshop, or at least I do. I am always measuring ...

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/TOve6oVPKVw

For years I always heard the refrain ... measure twice, cut once and for some reason that always bothered me and there are many time I measured twice and still cut the wood too short. I hate that!!  Then one day I stumbled upon a tape measure that when I hold it in my left hand (because I always hold the pencil in my right hand) and low and behold, all the numbers were right way up. I didn't have to try and work the numbers from upside down. That was one of the turning points in my woodworking ... 

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