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AzDusty created the topic: Ouch

Ok my wonderful wife bought me the Rockler box jig for my router table. Told you she is a keeper, problem is my miter channel is narrower than 3/4 in which is the width of the mounting bar. Yikes! So is there anything short of spending money on a new table that I can do? Was thinking to make some wooden blocks the same height just 1/4 in narrower

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colin replied the topic: Ouch

You could use wood, but I prefer phenolic plastic. It's easier to work with and doesn't expand and contract like wood does when the ambient air-moisture changes. You can often buy 3/4" versions from woodworking stores, but I just get off cuts from a local plastic shop and cut my own.
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AzDusty replied the topic: Ouch

Thanks Colin.

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