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Refurbishing Old Chairs

  • PaulD
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PaulD replied the topic: Re: Refurbishing Old Chairs

There's a limit of 1MB (1000 KB)on images to the forums ... but this might also be a browser issue ... we'll be upgrading the forums when we get time. Until then, if you have problems uploading images to the forums, you could use the gallery (My Photos) in your profile as a alternative, as this area isn't effected by the browser issue.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Refurbishing Old Chairs

Yes there is, but we have increased it so I don't think that is the problems.
Another option might be to post pictures in your own members area.
We still can't figure out why posting seems to be fine from North America, but not from Europe, but for now, posting to your members area, might be a good alternative.
Thanks for sticking with this ... we appreciate your efforts :)
  • indaloman
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indaloman replied the topic: Re: Refurbishing Old Chairs

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\ChairsResize Wizard-1.jpg
That was the problem, my pic was 3Mg I have now downsized it

Oh dear, as you say doesn't seem to like the European end
  • JessicaStripe
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JessicaStripe replied the topic: Re: Refurbishing Old Chairs

​sanding the furniture down is a great place to start and than waxing will normally be all that is required but it all depends on the condition of your furniture